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Yes – we have a wide range of furniture which you can find on our website from rustic handmade banquet tables through to outdoor fire pits. We have many different lighting options for both inside the tent and outside – including fairy lights, festoon lighting and uplighters.

We can suggest layouts that we believe will work best for your number of guests and the tents that you have hired. Ultimately, it’s up to you and what works best for your personal style and needs. However sometimes furniture will have to be in certain places due to space and practicality.

We use natural coloured Dandy Dura matting which is used extensively in the marquee industry. It’s popularity has grown from strength to strength due to the fact it is very easy to maintain, extremely durable, fully reversible, lightweight and weatherproof as well as being high heel friendly!

Yes! We are at the Art of Wedding Show every year in April, October, and November where we have both Tipis and Stretch Tents up and decorated. This is a free event at the Royal Cornwall Showground and is the perfect opportunity for you to come and see them as well as speak to a member of our team with any questions or enquiries.

We can cover anywhere throughout the United Kingdom. We are based in Cornwall.

Is the site exposed to the weather? Bear in mind even if it is, our tents are very durable and we can position the tents in the best way possible to provide shelter from the wind. 

Is the ground level? Gentle slopes or uneven ground is no problem – however to make it as comfortable as possible for you we recommend an even and flat area of the site is best. 

Does the site have power, water and toilets? We can provide toilets and generators if your location doesn’t have them. 

We are happy to come and do a site visit once you have chosen it to confirm everything is possible with regards to space and how everything will work.

It depends on how busy we are and what other events we have on as to when we will build and take down. We will typically build the day before or a couple of days before to give you time to decorate and will then take down any time from 11am the next day.

The amount of tipis or size of stretch tent you will need depends on the amount of people you have attending. Please contact us and we can advise how many tipis/stretch tents you will need for the amount of people you have.

We understand weddings change due to certain circumstances – and we are happy to work with you guys and make changes up to a month before the wedding. However, we cannot reduce things more than 5% of the total cost.

We have 6m x 6m Pagoda Marquees which are perfect for a catering space.

Every event is so bespoke so we do not have a set price list but the costings will depend on various factors such as how many tipis/stretch tents you have, the furniture you choose, as well as lighting and if you need extras such as toilets and generators.

You gain a lot of flexibility and creativity with the opportunity to have a lot more space and exclusivity. By having your event in a field it provides you with a lot of versatility as you can create one big structure or separate into smaller ones.

We use a third party supplier for our generators which we have used for years and is very reliable and trustworthy. We can book in the correct generator for you and then supply a Wedding Power Pack which will look after all the electricity for your event.

Yes we have large diesel heaters which will be perfect for if your event is on either end of the summer season and you’re worried about your tents being cold.