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Chairs & Benches

Wooden Cross Back Chair: Discover the beauty of our wooden cross back chairs, designed to effortlessly enhance any interior style or decor. These chairs are the ideal choice for your sit-down meal or ceremony.

Wooden Benches: Our wooden benches comfortably seat 3-4 people per bench and make an excellent addition to our rustic banquet-style tables. Many customers choose to combine these benches with our chairs, creating a seamless and stylish seating arrangement.

Fold Flats: When space is at a premium, our wooden folding chairs offer a convenient and space-saving solution. Explore the versatility of these chairs for your seating needs.

Deck Chairs: Add a charming outdoor touch to your event with our deck chairs. They provide a relaxing seating option, especially for venues with picturesque views that your guests can enjoy.


Explore our diverse range of table options tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Feel free to browse through the available choices and reach out to us for pricing details.

Rustic Banquet Tables: Our most sought-after tables feature sturdy black metal legs paired with wooden tops. Each table measures 195cm x 90cm and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, with 3 on each side. These tables offer the flexibility to be arranged together to create long banquet setups or used individually. They are the perfect complement to our Nordic tipis and can also serve as versatile outdoor furniture.

5-Foot Round Tables: Ideal for intimate gatherings, these tables are a great fit for events held under our stretch tents. They provide comfortable seating for 8-10 people per table.

6-Foot Round Tables: For larger gatherings, consider our 6-foot round tables, which seamlessly complement our stretch tents. These tables can comfortably seat 10-12 people per table.

Tall Poser Tables: Elevate your event with these high-standing tables, perfect for pre-meal drinks and mingling among guests.

Trestle Tables: Designed with caterers in mind, these tables are ideal for food preparation in the catering tent.

3-Foot Round Tables: Often used as standalone tables, these are perfect for displaying the wedding cake, snacks, nibbles, or serving as a designated spot for cards and gifts.


These tables are the ideal choice for elevating bands, ensuring that they are easily visible to the entire audience, even from the rear of the tent. Additionally, they offer ample room for accommodating all the necessary equipment and musical instruments.

Fire Pits

These elements serve as the ideal finishing touch for any event, creating a captivating ambiance and providing a cozy gathering spot for your guests.

  1. Indoor Firepit: Our bioethanol smoke-free fire pit, complete with fuel for approximately 4 hours of burn time, adds a warm and inviting focal point indoors.

  2. Outdoor Firepit: Extend the charm outdoors with our outdoor fire pit, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in open-air settings.

  3. Outdoor Tall Patio Heaters: For added comfort and ambiance, consider our tall patio-style heaters, designed to keep your outdoor space cozy and inviting.